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2020.10.02 - 2020.10.04

Med.Hack(+) brings together problems in healthcare and problem solvers who can build solutions through the use of technology. 

The Event

2020.10.02 - 2020.10.04

This year's hackathon will be completely remote and virtual, meaning that you can partake safely in your own home. The focus of this year's hackathon will be solutions to healthcare problems introduced by COVID-19, but anything related to healthcare is still an option.


What is Med.Hack(+)?

Med.Hack(+) is an event designed to solve problems in healthcare through the use of technology. Typically t the hackathon, we brainstorm ideas, form teams, and prototype solutions to real-life issues over the course of 48 hours. ​​What makes our hackathon different is that we are guided by local mentors in health, technology, and business! However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we're working on planning a remote hackathon.


Who can participate?

We welcome all kinds of people across a wide variety of skills and professions. ​You don't need to be an expert in technology or healthcare to contribute to a team and participate in Med.Hack(+) (though any experience you do have is great!). 

The Med.Hack(+) Impact

Since its inception, Med.Hack(+) has made a real impact in creating healthcare solutions.


Years of hackathons

In its 6 years since inception, Med.Hack(+) has held 5 hackathons and has a remote hackathon in the planning stages.


More than 30 different projects created

Over the various hackathons, more than 30 projects have been created that solve real healthcard problems.

After the hackathon

Here's an example of a Med.Hack(+) success story.


PatientPrep was born at Med.Hack(+) in 2014.

The technology allows patients to enter their medical history and current concerns directly into their electronic health record in a user-friendly way.

Since then, the team has won the University of Saskatchewan Tech Venture Challenge, the Wilson Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence i3 Idea Challenge, and they were accepted into the Blueprint Health accelerator in New York.

Recently, their company sold the Canadian rights to their technology to QHR Technologies for $500,000 (QHR Technologies was a sponsor of the 2014 hackathon, where they first met this team while mentoring). Over 7500 physicians will now have access to the PatientPrep platform.

The cofounder had this idea for a long time about how to make his family practice work ​better—he just needed someone with the technical skills to help him build it..


Med.Hack(+) would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors.


Saskatchewan Blue Cross




IRG Informatics Inc.


Campus Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy


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