Hackathon Coming Up September 28-30, 2018

Come join use at Innovation Place in Saskatoon for the weekend of September 28-30 to make healthcare ideas into reality!

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We are changing healthcare by bringing ideas and makers together.

People in the OneHealth realm need technology to streamline their work. We bring them -- and their ideas -- together with developers, business, and a rapid development model to quickly create innovative solutions.

How we do it

Rapid Developers

We attract some of the best developers in the region who, in turn, can create solutions very quickly (in the duration of a weekend!)

Supercharged Business

We have business and law assistance on-hand to ensure that, as ideas are created, the business model is created as well.

Healthcare Needs

We have people from the OneHealth field bring their ideas and technological needs to the table, and pair it with the business and development side to create a solution.

Complete Solution

By bringing all the necessary parties together, we are able to create end-to-end solutions to completion withing the duration of a weekend!

I have a question!

Is Med.Hack(+) only a hackathon?

Nope! We have salons as well, which allow cross-field connecting and networking outside of the hackathon context.

How long does the hackathon last?

The hackathon is over the duration of a weekend (48 hours). This allows use to push quick solutions without eating up your whole schedule!

Can I make my idea into a business?

Absolutely! We have a number of successful companies that have come out of hackathons, including one right here in Saskatoon!

As a student, can I participate?

We actually encourage you to participate! Not only is this opportunity to meet with people from industry (including potential employers), but it also brings fresh ideas to the table and gives you an opportunity to learn new things in a fast-paced environment. Think of it as a weekend internship!

Is there a sign-up for the hackathon?

There is a sign-up for the hackathon on Picatic. Tickets for students who want to participate are $10, with full participant tickets being $20, and spectator tickets at $5 for those who want to see the ideas, but aren't interested in attending the whole weekend. Stay updated by signing up on our mailing list below!

How many people are allowed per team?

The team sizes are as big or as small as you want them to be. We don't set a size limit to ourteams,  and they seem to balance out ok in the end.

Do we pick from prompts to work off of when we arrive or do we bring the idea we want to do?

Both options are available. If you have an idea you want to pitch, you are more than welcome to do that. If you want to join another team, you can listen to the pitches and decide which one you want to work on.

If we come with our idea already, are we allowed to bring 3d printed models?

Yes you, depending on what your project is. It's a weekend hackathon, so it's hard to get too carried away with things. Having said that, there has been some incredible hardware MacGyvered together over a weekend, so it's up to you and your imagination.

I understand the theme is medicine but is the product supposed to be strictly related to hospitals?

Our event is by no means limited to just hospitals. We are looking for people with ideas across all of healthcare, including the One Health spectrum of allied healthcare professionals.

Our Vision

Working towards a healthy Saskatchewan.


Unite the inspiration of healthcare professionals with the ingenuity of creators to build solutions.